Public Relations

We deliver customized and creative online campaigns with a reputation for close consultation with the artist and management at every stage. We work with artists from all stages of their careers, from emerging hype to established acts on major and independent labels across single, EP and full album campaigns.

When we embark on an online music PR campaign for our artists, we aim to ensure that they are:

  • highly visible online
  • presented in the right way
  • building momentum
  • controlling the flow of favorable content.

We pay particular attention to how we pick and negotiate the right premieres and exclusives to maximize coverage from key areas.

We don’t treat online PR as a way of grabbing any exposure on any site, but rather as an exercise is controlling your online profile and developing it in the correct way.  It’s about delivering the right content to the right people at the right time - and devising ways to maximize the longevity of the messages you want to get out there.

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