You can barely turn around these days without hearing something about artificial intelligence or big data technology. Many experts predict that AI tech is going to be one of the most influential developments of the modern age, touching every part of people’s lives from their health, to the way they buy things, all the way to how businesses are run.

Chances are that you have heard about how AI can improve marketing efforts by attracting more customers from all walks of life. But, did you know it can also help your business run better internally?

HR departments are starting to embrace AI into their hiring processes and are seeing all kinds of positive outcomes. Ideal’s report on AI-driven recruiting found that businesses that incorporated this technology into the hiring processes saw significant financial benefits. These included higher revenues per employee hired, and a 75% decrease in the cost of acquisition!

Curious to know how your company’s hiring process can be totally changed for the better with AI? Let’s dive in.

Creating a more strategic searching process

Attracting qualified talent to apply to your available positions requires some good marketing skills, which is clearly something AI excels at. Its ability to gather and analyse large sets of data can help recruiters target the best talent out there almost instantly.

But AI is not just helping hiring managers find great candidates; it is helping job seekers match up with job opportunities based on their skill levels and experiences. Online resume tools like Resumonk make it easy for applicants to create well-designed resumes with templates to upload, along with keyword recommendations that simplify the process of AI-assisted tools picking up on and matching credentials. From here, candidates can upload their resume on job sites, such as which uses AI technology to match up candidate profiles with available positions based on their experience and skills.

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